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What does it mean To  become a successful software manager

Management is a discipline that isn’t short of coverage. In fact, it’s probably fair to say that the world throws too much attention it's a way. This only serves to muddy the waters of management principles and make it hard to determine what really matters. To complicate things, technology is ripping up the rule book when it comes to processes and hierarchies. Programming and engineering are forcing management gurus to rethink what it means to ‘manage’ today.

However, while the wealth of perspectives on modern management amount to a bit of a cacophony, looking specifically at what it means to be a manager in a world defined by software can be useful. That’s why, in the latest episode of the Packt Podcast, we spoke to Herman Fung. Herman is someone with both development and management experience, and, following the publication of his book The Successful Software Manager earlier this year, he’s been spending a lot of time seriously considering what it means to be a software manager.